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Contact Us | Contact Us | Contact Us | Contact Us |   from lovekittenmoon

These sleep masks by Mary Green look so luxurious and comfy and glam. And there are so many styles to choose from! They range in price from $13.25 - $33.00. I've put some of my favorites down below but you can check out the whole line here!

"Wake me when we land" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Santa" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Dreaming of Paris" Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Eye Candy" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $22.00

"Cat Burglar" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $20.00

"Breakfast At Tiffany's" Silk Satin Sleep Mask - $33.00

(Audrey Hepburn wore one just like it in Breakfast At


Style over fifty Delights,(a)musements and resources for the Elegant Age

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slip into something comfortable

Few lingerie pieces are as alluring on 50+ woman as the graceful sisters: chemise, slip and teddy.

Skimming the body under a skirt or dress, they offer a light layer of femininity without constriction. I would rather wear a well-fitted chemise than a
binding elasticated 'control' garment, which often ends up rolling bits over the item anyway.

Worn under a blouse or glimpsed beneath a sweater, these garments are discreet yet sexy, and need not cost more than your shoes.


A teddy was the precursor of the bodysuit, and lives on, appropriate under dresses or any pant except very tight styles.

Wearable teddies– also known as cami-knickers- are hard to find, but worth the search. Some are cut loosel
y, like a slip, while others fit as closely as a leotard.


Mary Green Nouveau Retro White Silk Teddy is stretch silk and pink lace, with fan bust darts. Sized in S/M/L;  from Mary Green, a beloved lingerie designer.

Chemises and slips

A chemise is a short version of the full-length slip; sometimes slip-style nightgowns are also called chemises. Some are intended solely as sleepwear; read the product description to be sure.



Once you acquire the requisite black or ecru, you might explore a world of colour in chemises.

Also from Mary Green, this charming Manon Printed Burnout Satin Chemise with Lace, 70% silk, 30% rayon,cut on the bias. Mary Green's slogan is "Lingerie Conquers All". Will ship internationally, prepare to conquer.



 Fashion Matters NewsOk Bloggin Community

Seen on the runway: high-waisted undies

 Nouveau Retro Stretch Silk Satin Full Brief (SD40) Nouveau Retro Stretch Silk Satin Bralette (SD41) Nouveau Retro Stretch Silk Satin Teddy (SD42)

Are you ready for retro lingerie? It was all over the runwway, and now San Francisco lingerie designer Mary Green has introduced the Nouveau Retro collection. I’m talking high-waisted underwear, retro bralettes and teddies.

Are you ready for retro lingerie? It was all over the runwway, and now San Francisco lingerie designer Mary Green has introduced the Nouveau Retro collection. I’m talking high-waisted underwear, retro bralettes and teddies.


Aye, Eye patch(s)!

   from craft punk blog 

Shiver me timbers! I can never fall asleep at night. I'll attribute that to my overactive mind. Usually light is coming in the window/ the smoke alarm is blinking/etc. Solution: I want a nifty eye mask. After seeing this picture of Michael Cera, I want a very similar eye mask. Mainly so I can emulate him.
The eye mask he is modeling so adorably is by intimates designer Mary Green, and you can get this exact one
However, since I lack the mad skillz necessary to sew an eye mask with a sewing machine, I talked my grandma- hereafter referred to as Oma- into sewing it while I helped and observed. This is the account of the extraordinary events that followed.

*Click the tiny pictures for larger ones

12:30 pm- We discuss the design based on the materials at hand. We cut a pattern to base the measurements on.

12:45- I decide on a sage green cloth for the front and pink satin for the back.
1:00- After questioning how I could get the words on the mask, I decide to write directly on the fabric and lightly iron the fabric to set it.

1:25- Tracing the text took a while to do carefully. The sage cloth is cut. Oma comments that her scissors need sharpening...

1:35- Oma pins the elastic straps to the fabric for the front. The pink lining is cut and we make a decision to put in some light batting for cushioning. You have to have less batting than fabric so it doesn't bunch up.

1:45- Oma deftly sews around the edge of the inside out mask, avoiding the elastic bands.

1:55- After cutting slits in the edges to make bending easier, I observe excitedly while Oma carefully turns the mask inside out.

2:00pm- I squeal at how cute it is, while Oma sews up the gap using a blind stitch. She declares that we should add a top stitch around the edge "for more pizazz" because "it puts the icing on the cake". It also makes the finished product stronger, more durable.

2:10- Sleep mask photo shoot! Kudos to Oma (pictured below) for walking me though the process of making my own eye masks. These would make adorable presents as they can be personalized for the recipient.

I'm pleasantly surprised at the awesomesaucemask I got out of this live blog, and I'm looking forward to a good night of GLORIOUS SLEEP working on my novel.


Mary Green Candy Hearts Sleep Mask

Contact Us | blog

Forty winks will come so easily when you slip this adorable sleep mask over your eyes. Seriously, who doesn't want to sleep with candy hearts keeping out the light?
$22 at

Mary Green Candy Hearts Sleep Mask.jpg

Mary Green Sleep Mask

blog by Prach

I usually sleep with a sleep mask and I am really good at losing them. I’ve lost all of them since I’ve moved to Baltimore so tonight I decided it is time to buy a new one. Now that Daylight Savings is over the sun comes up earlier and earlier, which is cramping my style. I usually don’t notice it on the weekdays, but this makes it impossible for me to sleep in on the weekends. I decided that getting a good night’s sleep is important enough for me to make this purchase even though I am pretty broke right now.

I am a typical girl so i like pretty things. Even practical every day things like sleep masks should be pretty if possible. Mary Green makes a bunch of really pretty sleep masks so i decided to buy one of hers. I’ve had literally every single type of sleep mask that is on the market and I like variety so I prefer to try new things all the time. I got the Cloud Nine sleep mask that you see pictured above which i think is the prettiest! I can’t wait to get it and use it!

For the Married Woman


Mary Green's Hot Tonight/Not Tonight reversible sleep mask makes sure there are no mixed messages in the bedroom. Plus the silk feels divine on your lids.

Travel Accessories

from The Lingerie Post

Travel-related gifts hint at things to come, and would of course be especially exciting if they accompany plane tickets to an exotic location! Give her a lingerie travel bagfor her suitcase and an eye mask (pictured is one by Mary Green) – black is a safe choice because chances are good that she has a black nightgown or chemise that it would match.

Mary Green Eye Mask

Mary Green Eye Mask

Sweet Dreams: Mary Green's Stylish Sleep Masks

from eye4style, by fashion expert Dina Fierro

In my world, sleep masks are both a necessity (my 6th floor apartment gets an insane amount of natural light) and a pleasure (love the retro glam effect!)

Lingerie designer Mary Green makes the best - they're colorful, quirky and made of soft, reversible silk. As you can see above, there are those that are perfect for travel, with embroidered sayings like, “Wake me if I can upgrade to first class” while nappers will love the “Wake me for dinner” and “Working on my novel” versions. More traditional nighttime slumbers call for masks reading “Sleeping Beauty” and “Counting Sheep.”

These are an affordable luxury at with prices ranging from $13 - $33, and they're also the perfect holiday gift for any glamour girl in your life.


Holiday Gifts Under $100: Mary Green’s Santa Baby Boyshorts

from 'Fashion's Side Dish" blog by Twolia

November 9th, 2009 at 10:57am

Dear Twolia Divas,

Can you believe the holiday frenzy is just around the corner? This season is certain to be different than that last as consumers plan to focus on meaningful gifts, cost-effective gifts or simply enjoying quality family time. In fact, a recent surveyshowed almost 63% of consumers plan to spend less on holiday gifts this year compared with last year, which was one of the worst holiday shopping seasons on record.


Over the coming weeks, I’m going to present unique gift options that are budget conscious with long-term appeal.


First up, the “Santa Baby” silly/sexy boyshorts gift set from Mary Green. The three-piece collection of silk knit boyshorts are embroidered with: “Santa Claus is coming to town,” “Santa Baby,” and “Naughty and Nice.” The items come in a nice satin bag, so you save on gift wrapping. Also, if you have three friends or daughters, you can divide the set into three separate gifts.


For those of us that light a menorah, the “Naughty and Nice” can work as a playful addition to your repertoire of evening role-play items (wink wink). Save the other two for your non-Jewish friends.Contact Us | 

WHERE TO BUY: Mary Green’s Santa Baby gift set retails for $72 at MaryGreen.comand retailers nationwide.

Happy Accessorizing!

 Santa Baby Gift Bag (3 Boy Pants)


Mary Green’s Boy Short Set Make a Great Gift for You AND Him!

October 20th, 2009


from New & Blue blog

It’s always a plus to finds gifts that work double duty- a fun present that can be both for you and him!  A perfect example is Mary Green’s seven-piece set of silk boys shorts.  We are all familiar with the universal language of love but each of these 7 fun undies are stitched with the phrase “I love you” in a different language.  Perfect for your honeymoon, Valentines, or just for fun!  Languages include English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Hebrew and Chinese. So, say “I love you” to your sweetie 7 days a week with these adorable undies and he’ll be sure to thank you later!

7 Ways to Say I Love You (7 Silk Knit Boy Pants, style LL3, w/Lace) LL84


Posted in Beauty Tips, Movies We Love, Sleep Dreamsby FaceDoctorette - Oct 29, 2009

Holly Golightly

I am a strong believer in getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Not only does a good nights sleep keep you from coming off your rocker for lack of it, but it also keeps your skin glowing and helps prevent your body from gaining weight (I will have to ask my dadwhy exactly this is the case). In order to get a good nights sleep, I have a little ritual I go through every night when I get into bed. This ritual consists of putting on my sleep mask (Mary Greenmakes my favoritesleep masks), lathering my lips with Neosporin’s overnight renewal therapyand a little pill that goes by the name of melatonin.

According to Wikipedia, the primary motivation for the use of melatonin may be as a natural aid to better sleep. Incidental benefits to health and well-beingmay accumulate, due to melatonin’s role as an antioxidant and its stimulation of the immune system and several components of the endocrine system.

What I have found with melatonin is that I can only take 1 mg, because if I take any more than that I have some pretty crazy dreams, which actually results in a lack of sleep. If I don’t take it though, then I will never fall asleep.

Oh and by the way, Mary Green makes the CUTEST Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask. It is a must have for any Holly Golightly fans!

Last Updated: 12/02/2010

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