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Bloggers on Mary Green - Part 2
Bloggers on Mary Green
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from the blog style observer

Sexy Comfort

I’m all for sexy lingerie, but sometimes I find it a little itchy. I discovered Mary Green a few years ago, and fell in love. The pieces are sexy but also feel nice against your skin. That was what sealed the deal for me. Like any girl, I like to know I have pretty undies on … I just don’t want to FEEL them all day long. The Mary Green Collection disappears under your clothing. Love it!

from the blog

The Language of Love

Valentine’s Day may be Sunday but she’ll feel sexy all week long with these oh-so-pretty undies from Mary Green, a San Francisco based lingerie company whose tagline, “lingerie conquers all,” I fully agree with.

The “7 Ways to Say I Love You” set includes seven silk knit panties in a selection of gorgeous hues. Each panty is embroidered with “I Love You” in a different language. Get the set for $123 at


Sleep masks are my key to a good night's sleep and when I recently saw Kim Kardashian rocking this uber cute "Dreaming of Paris" mask, I knew I had to have it. Designed by Mary Green, the satin mask retails for $22 and features a luxurious lace trim. You can use this gorgeous mask to get your beauty sleep.... or for other things that happen in your boudoir
Loves It: Kim Kardashian's Sleep Mask
It was her favorite Parisian accessory.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Kim and mommy Kris are the ultimate jet-setters. They're always flying somewhere. Racking up all those mile and dealing with international time zones can mess up your sleep cycle, your smile and your skin.

They both know that the secret to looking good is a good night's rest.  On their flight to Paris, mommy and daughter grabbed Mary Green's Dreaming of Paris silk satin sleep mask ($22, for their chic cat nap.

Mary Green's Dreaming of Paris silk satin sleep mask

The next time you're going to catch 40 winks, try Dreaming of Paris. Sleep masks aren't only retro-cute, but they really do block out the light.

from the

Home Spa Day. It’s been, like, a bajillion and three years since I unwound my tense little self at the spa.  I don’t think a day of self-pampering is in the cards at the moment — hard to justify when Mr. Magpie hasn’t yet found out how much I spent on his graduation party (he graduates from his MBA program in just a few short hours!), and I’m not looking forward to breaking the news to him.  (But he deserves it!)  So instead I’ll create the spa day at home.  I’ll begin by sleeping in (ha, never happens — when I turned 26, I suddenly found it impossible to sleep in past 8 a.m., and I’ve now begun an alarming trend where I’ll occasionally rise with the sun at, like, 5 am, toget my day started…sick).  Maybe blocking out the sun with this cute little eye mask ($24.50, MaryGreen— the designer behind the famous sleep mask that Audrey Hepburn wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”…but that mask terrifies me a little bit…):

Top 10 Gifts to Pamper Any Mom by Erika Lehmann 

from blog Lifetime Moms

I am not someone who loves practical gifts.  Please don't give me socks, undies, or a vacuum cleaner for Christmas (even if it IS that really cool Dyson ball vacuum that I've been drooling over for years).  Nope.  As the slightly-sleazy office secretary says in Love Actually (my favorite Holiday movie!) "I don't want something I need - I want something I WANT."  Of course, what do I want this holiday season?  I want what every mom wants - a break and some pampering!

With that, I've highlighted the top 10 gifts that you should consider wrapping for mom and putting under the tree.  Trust me, the gift of taking care of ourselves and pampering never goes without lots of thanks.

Presents Palooza! Over 100 Gifts For Under $100

By: Christina Lomeli & Sarah Cates



Think finding a fab present for the holidays is nothing short of a miracle? Put the breaks on stress because we've got it all. Head over to our Boutiques
Presents Palooza!where we've got the ultimate gift guides for him and her, with a smattering of prezzies for that one friend that's oh-so-hard to shop for. Think: forgoing lines that stretch for eons, screaming kids, and swollen feet from too many futile trips down the aisles. So, whether you're looking for a luxurious mink necklaceor a cupcake-shaped compact mirror, with $150, $100, and $50 and under rundowns, we pride ourselves on a list of gifts that, frankly, puts the ease in appease.

Clockwise, from top left: Mary Green Embroidered Sleeping Masks, $25 each, available at Eskell;

Look Beautiful during your Beauty Rest — Beauty PR

June 2nd, 2010 | Beauty PR Babe

We at Haute PR must have our prized beauty rest, especially in allergy season when we have to deal with enough puffiness already! Never gals to miss an opportunity to look pretty, we love this Mary Green Victorian Sleep Maskfrom Urban Outfitters. It’s very delicate and feminine, and reminds us of something our heroine, Blair Waldorf, would wear. You can definitely sleep pretty knowing how gorgeous you look;  just make sure not to snore or the uber-femme effect might


A Lingerie Blog

Mary Green Silk Lingerie

Mary Green is a “whose-who” when it comes to the fashion world and her luxuriously, unique underwear. Interestingly enough, as often as she has been featured in top magazines, for all the awards she has won, the many years she has been a Mary Green Silk Lingeriehigh profile personality and the numbers of celebrities who wear her fashions, I have never heard of her until recently. What brought my attention to her collections was my search for silk lingerie. And Mary Green is the epitome of silk undergarments.

Silk is Mary’s specialty and she is recognized internationally as an expert on the production of lingerie made from silk. Further luxurious is the trimming of many of her lingerie pieces with Leaver’s Lace. She was involved in morally responsible manufacturing and global sustainability practices before the concepts came to the business forefront. Her Natalie Collection with its printed silk crushed georgette and spectacular silver and black cross lace is an example of her superior designs. Create a full ensemble with matching camisole, chemise, hip hugger thong, kimono and long gown.

Even her simple tank tops are gorgeous made of ribbed, stretchy silk knit and contrasting lace in whimsical colours such as black licorice with cream lace, and tickled pink with taffy lace. Extremely elegant and sumptuous are two camisoles, Product Code SB55L and Product Code GC27. Mary Green Silk LingerieThe first is a beautiful silk charmeuse camisole with lace highlights and buttons down the front of the bodice while the second is a crushed silk georgette camisole with absolutely striking Leaver’s Lace delicately covering the breasts.

Positively unique to her collection are the divinely, colourful print georgette scarves. And these are not to be confused with scarves one wears around the neck; these are bandeau-type tops with sarong-like skirts. And while I know that we are moving into the summer months now, I could not help but notice the feminine designs of the “long john” underwear. The top with lace dressing the hems of the waist, sleeves and neckline with the matching capris or long styled pant leggings with lace around the waists and leg cuffs are extremely pretty.

Mary Green’s total collection is very large offering bras, panties, camisoles, scarves, kimonos, sleepwear, slips, chemises, long gowns and a huge assortment of sleep masks.

Language of Love


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I’m happy to lend a women’s perspective on which Valentine’s Day gifts she’ll love – and a few you’re sure to find pleasure in as well.

The language of love

Valentine’s Day may be Sunday, but she’ll feel sexy all week with these oh-so-pretty undies from Mary Green, a San Francisco lingerie company whose motto – “lingerie conquers all” – I fully agree with. The “7 Ways to Say I Love You” set includes seven silk-knit panties in a selection of gorgeous hues. Each panty is embroidered with “I Love You’  in a different language.”

 My Sleepy Valentine

from the blog

Language of Love -- The Beatles had it right when they said "All you need is love!" Mamas you'll adore the "Seven Ways to Say I Love You" set of seven silk knit boyshorts, each embroidered with a different language of "I Love You." From designer Mary Green, the set will teach you new language skills and keep you comfy while you sleep (or not sleep!). Available at


My Stylish Valentine

from Kalyn Johnson a blog about elevating your personal style

For Sleeping Beauty Waking up in a room full of sunshine is a wonderful thing if you are: (1) not hung over; (2) fully awake or (3) on vacation in paradise and not hung over. Glaring bright light, just like a baby’s cries waking you up in the morning, can set your nerves on edge.  Mary Green’s sleep masks to the rescue.  I am partial to The Breakfast at Tiffany’s eye mask, Audrey Hepburn’s eye mask just makes me smile. But, if you’re looking for something with a little less flash she’s got you covered (literally and figuratively).  Cost:  $13 - $35.

Anne Fritz

By Jamie Stone
Must-have travel beauty essentials from a jet-setting blogger
Anne Fritz had been to every continent except Antarctica by the time she turned 30, but her favorite trips are anywhere she goes with her girlfriends. Prior to starting her popular blog, The Jet Set Girls, this travel and style expert was Style Director at Life & Style Weekly and also served as Fashion and Beauty Editor at Woman's Day. Fritz is the authority on everything from travel deals to what to wear in Vegas and South Beach. Here she shares her beauty must-haves for any jet-setter.
"A satin-sleep mask is essential for naps on the plane. I dream Audrey Hepburn-style in this glam version!"


 Trend-Filled Thursdays: Funky Sleep Masks

  from The Beauty of Life blog by Anne Fritz

 I admit it -- I slumber with a sleep mask. Now, this is actually a fairly new occurrence for me. But after rewatching every episode of Sex and the City recently and seeing how chic Carrie looked with hers, I simply had to jump on the bandwagon. Luckily, there are tons of super-fab options out there to let you really sleep in style. Because, really, who wants to wear the same thing to bed every night? Here are my picks for the ones you totally shouldn't sleep without.

Mary Green Kiss Me Silk Satin Sleep Mask ($16 at The lingerie designer (very luckily) broke into designing sleep masks, and how lucky for us that she did! There are tons of fabulously witty ones available on her site, but this one caught my eye immediately. Who doesn't want Prince Charming to come along and see this mask upon her lovely visage?


Last Updated: 11/07/2011

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