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Bloggers on Mary Green - Part 4
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Bloggers on Mary Green
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Cupcakes and Couture

Woke up to Phoebe sleeping on my head...again...

My Paradise Wedding

Top 6 Brands That Have The Best Bridal Lingerie

Mary Green

This brand is affordable but gorgeous and well made. This highly talked about company makes some of the best bridal lingerie out there.

This piece in particular is one of my favourites. Smooth satin meets lace in this perfect chemise that is flattering for all body types. If you are on a budget, but you want something extra-fantastic, then this is the brand to look at. 

Boudoir on Film by Danielle Fletcher

I’m SO excited to publish my very first ‘Things I Love’! I know you must be thinking ‘um, RANDOM, Danielle! What the heck is a beauty/home product endorsement doing on a photography blog? Well, this of course isn’t just a photography blog, it’s my life and love blog. I have always been really passionate about researching products… I love finding the best of the best and when I do, I get a little overly excited. This is purely random recommendations that have absolutely no connection/compensation whatsoever, it’s just an outlet for my product obsessions, which are vast :) So, here we go!

This sleep mask SAVED me. After learning about how great real silk is for your skin (and hair) AND already using eye masks because I’m basically a really picky Dracula when I sleep (no light, no sound unless it’s white noise, no movement and three pillows) and was already using an eye mask out of necessity…. I began my search for a 100% silk eye mask. I found tons of frou-frou ones with ruffly trim and scratchy embroidery with stupid sayings. THEN I found Mary Green. I already knew about her incredible nighties but had no idea she had this as well. It’s a dual-sided, 100% silk sleep mask with no scratchy parts whatsoever. The band is very soft and never pulls my hair (although I wear it under my hair) and it stays in place. It isn’t too loose, it isn’t too tight and the contour is totally perfect. Basically, I attribute my morning-sleep to Mary Green and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Lingerie Briefs

Mary Green takes on Marilyn

April 7, 2013

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback ~ Mary Green having a Marilyn Inspired moment

Mary Green Lingerie inspired by Marilyn Monroe photographed by P Halsman on Lingerie Briefs

Flashback: Marilyn lounging in a sheer black tulle/chiffon negligee in this 1952 photo by P Halsman.

Flashforward: This simple yet stunning number from Mary Green with its inset panels and godets, makes that Marilyn era glamour accessible to the modern woman


Honeymoon accessories

Whether it's a sleeping mask or one of our Bellefleur Lingerie Book Club reads for the plane.  We have everything to keep your Bride happy!

Lingerie Addict

Great Gatsby Lingerie: 15 Vintage-Inspired Pieces You Can Buy Today

Lingerie from the 1920's was known for its loose, easy, carefree spirit. I’d even venture to call a lot of it “sporty,” especially considering what came before and after. This post isn’t about going for vintage reproductions of twenties-style lingerie. Rather, to me these pieces invoke the emphasis on lace, effortless silhouettes, straightforward wear, and luxe materials that was so typical of 1920's underpinnings. I also chose items that I felt accentuated the softer color palette and focus on comfort that was indicative of this era. I hope you like the selection here.

Photo: The Lingerie Addicts includes several Mary Green pieces in an article on

I Heart Heels
Lounging in Style

Pictured above, clockwise from top left: Mary Green’s Sleep Masks ($24.50) at, Long Tall Sally’s Cami ($25) and PJ Pant ($39) at, Daniel Green’s “Abigail” Slipper ($40) at, Mary Green’s “Midnight in Satin” chemise ($121) at

I must admit, all I wanna do right now is lounge around the house. My heels sorta have their feelings hurt, but this week it's all about the PJs. So I felt like I had to share with you some of these finds. Because if we're gonna be in our PJs, we're gonna be cute, right?

Most every trip, I make, I throw in a sleep mask. Hey, if I'm on a trip, I'm making it worthwhile - and these things are heaven to me. Of course, my travel partners all break out in laughter, and I'm glad to provide the chic entertainment. They won't be laughing the next morning when they're the ones with the under-eye circles (oh, I kid!). I'm gonna have to scoop up one of these masks by Mary Green. Swoon.

I also adore sleeping in a great satin chemise. TMI, perhaps, but honeys these are delightful. I'm pretty hot-natured, so this is comfort (and luxe at the same time) at its finest. A satin pillowcase just might be next. On nights that are really chilly (which aren't abundant down south), I can't resist an old-fashioned cami and PJ pants. These from Long Tall Sally are precious and quite possibly what I need for my New Year's night in (which I have mixed feelings about...le sigh...). Add a pair of lush slippers (love mine from Daniel Green) and you've lost me. In my mind, I'm already in front of the fireplace in my luxe get-up, sleep mask at the ready, stacks of magazines at my side. See you there soon?

bedknobs & baubles by Jessica Ham

Halloween Costume: Holly Golightly

Happy Halloween! This year I masqueraded as the sleepy version of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Not only was it one of the easiest costumes I’ve pulled together, it was also one of my favorites. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t on the verge of public indecency - I’m wearing a pair of shorts too!) 

bedknobs & baubles by Jessica Ham

For Halloween this year, I’m donning this Mary Green eye mask(c/o) and going as a sleepy (hungover?) Holly Golightly. To look the part, just add a men’s tuxedo shirt(check eBay), a pair of smoking slippersand tassel earrings(much more practical than earplugs). I’m adding a mini skirt to avoid being as risque as Miss Golightly in her nightshirt.

Coco and Vera (fashion blog about everyday elegance)

Mariel's Diary (Japanese fashion blog)

from Urban Research (Japanese fashion blog)




from Riko's Guide to Style (Japanese fashion & lifestyle blog)

The Daily Item

from ZOZO PEOPLE (Japanese Blog)

Head Piece

Elegance and Class from the Mary Green Marzipan Collection

At the turn of the 19th century fashion was notable for its elegance and glamour. Conversely, at the turn of the 20th century fashion was known for showing more and hiding less. Today people are once again starting to appreciate the fashion of days gone by. Glamour, elegance, and class are all starting to get recognized for their powers of seduction. Mary Green is a designer who has not only recognized how amazing vintage styles are, but has also designed lingerie that is inspired by vintage fashion with a modern touch. Her Marzipan collection is made of sumptuous silk fabric. This collection will give you ultimate comfort and elegance. Whether you choose one, two, or all three pieces you will fall in love with this collection.

The Mary Green Marzipan Shrug SB30 gives you the utmost in luxury and comes from Mary Green’s personal collection. The elegance and glamour of the early 1900's provided inspiration for this piece and it shows in the attention to detail. Made of 100% pure silk this vintage butterfly style shrug is perfect for an intimate evening with your special someone, and is also wonderful for a special night out. Exquisite lace trims every edge from the neckline to the hemline including over the shoulders and around the arm openings. A single silk covered button, disguised by the intricate multi-looped bow, provides closure for the front. The arm openings are un-sewn and feature only a simple silk tie closure for the ultimate in comfort. Wear this shrug over any of Mary Green’s gowns, with any item from the Marzipan collection, or over your favorite gown or top, and bask in the feeling of elegance and sophistication it will give you.

You will be hard pressed to find a chemise more luxurious than the Mary Green Marzipan Chemise SB32. Made of exquisite gold silk this chemise features fitted seams along the sides through the front and back for a body hugging fit. A delicate gold lace trims the gentle v-neckline, underbust band in the front and back, trails across the bodice, and accents the front seams on the hem. The shoulder straps are spaghetti style and adjustable in the back. The skirt falls to mid-thigh and gracefully hangs around your legs. You will feel like a sophisticated lady who is ready for anything the evening might bring.

The Mary Green Marzipan Gown SB33 is elegance in motion. Made of luxurious gold silk this gown gracefully drapes your body from bodice to floor, clinging to your every curve. A trail of elegant gold lace frames the deep v-neckline in both the front and back, traces across the underbust band, and decorates the shoulder straps, hiding the adjustable spaghetti straps. The hemline features the same golden lace. This tailored gown is tantalizing and seductive yet classy and elegant. You will have no shortage of sweet dreams and peaceful sleep in this gown. Whether you are wearing this gown for sleeping in or for spending a special night in, you will be amazed at the sheer comfort and elegance this gown offers.


Brabarella Blog

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Granny style continues to be chic (and classic -- we all know classic is timeless, aka "knows no age"), and the latest granny trend to hit the scene is granny panties! My favorites are my plain silk ones from Mary Green (I am a sucker for Mary's color sense -- brilliant, vivacious, vavavavoom) as I am not a lacy sort of girl, but we do feature her retro panties (as seen in O, Oprah!), as well as some lovely designs from Rago and Grenier. Even Elila has some rather cheeky grannies although I'm not sure Granny would approve (but then again, who knows, my granny and Marty's did have a houseful of kids)!

Last Updated: 03/12/2014

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