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from Mads About Town
A Guide to Beauty Sleep

When contemplating the effects of a good night’s sleep, D.H. Lawrence’s description of waking ’like a new-opened flower… new-created’ springs to mind. Which is all very well and good, but more often than not achieving unbroken, restful sleep (Lawrence refers to it as the ’sink into good oblivion’) is more of a struggle than finding the time to spend horizontally.
Here are my top tips, and products, to help you achieve that all-important good overnight rest and wake up without dark circles or tired, sallow skin.
1) Be light-savvy. Your body is wired to sleep during the dark night and be awake during the daylight. To ensure you are wakeful during the day, increase your light exposure. Sit as close to the light as possible, and try to get a minimum of 20 minutes of fresh air and sunlight (even if it’s the winter) during the day.
The rules for night are to avoid the television and computer, and substitute bright lights for low-wattage bulbs. Cortisol (sometimes referred to as the stress hormone) is very receptive to light so sticking to the above will help you feel peaceful and rested come bedtime. If you keep late hours and need to sleep during the day, try blocking out the light with one of Mary Green’s kitsch silk sleep masks
from La Petite Coquette
Lingerie Blogette

Mary green

Let a retro teddy kick start a marriage with relentless seduction. The Nouveau Retro by Mary Green promises that with a cherry on top.

The story of Mary Green and her fine silk lingerie
If there ever was a woman I would like to model myself after (besides Mother Teresa), it would be Mary Green. Mary Green not only encapsulates the idea of corporate culture and responsibility, but she creates an endless loop of abundance helping others less fortunate.
Mary Green’s corporate culture and philosophy is a creative, and compassionate strategy, weaving both good business and humanism. Her ethics in business and compassion should be a business model for larger corporations.
Mary Green employs hundreds of workers in third world countries, many living in poverty or very poor conditions, giving them a better quality of life. These workers produce her beautiful laces and silks unmatched by any other fine lingerie vendor. 
Mary Green’s collection includes several types of items:
·Contact Us |    Sleep masks:Her playful side comes out with her wonderful selection of sleep masks.  Mary offers around 40+ sleep masks to choose from.
·Contact Us |    Scarves: Many of her scarves are collector’s items. There are only a number of scarves produced in the same print, making each of them a hot commodity.
·Contact Us |    Pajamas: They make sleeping a truly a spiritual experience – amazing.
·  Contact Us |  Warm-wear: Made in fashionable, bright colors to keep you warm all under. Mary Green offers leggings, long sleeve shirts and more.
·Contact Us |    Signature Gowns: Mary Green’s line of signature gowns come in several fabulous patterns. She comes out with 3-4 prints each season and has solids year round. Her sheer gowns can be worn day or night.
·Contact Us |    Slips: Mary Green has beautiful slips that can be worn under her gowns so you can actually go out on the town, wear the gowns on a cruise, or just lay on a chaise with a glass of champagne and feel like the lingerie queen!  The slip provides support for women with an hourglass figure or larger hips – so all sizes can feel elegant in it.
·Contact Us |   Camisoles:To be worn alone at home or under jackets for work or a dinner out.
Mary Green’s silk undergarments are truly a luxury item and are made from the finest silks. Many of her pieces have a bit of oriental flair and the color combinations are a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe.
I once toured her facility in San Francisco and everyone that works with her has been there for years, including her designers. Much of the lace and silks used to make her collections are shipped direct to her warehouse and sewn together there for quality control purposes by some of the most exquisite designers.
Mary Green’s wonderful work has been recognized by many magazines editors including features in Vogue, Glamour and even the “O List” in O, The Oprah Magazine (her beautiful 40s gown was selected). Her pieces are also popular with many celebrities from Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson and many more. Another huge fan is Nancy Pelosi, the form Speaker of the House and now Democrats' minority leader, who according to The Congressional Record (June 20, 2008), proclaimed Pelosi as “the queen of lingerie.”
I couldn’t agree more.
from Real Beauty
50 Best Lingerie Finds for Everyone
For the Golden Girl

Mary Green 1930s Chemise

For the Girl Who Wants to Feel Like a Lady
Mary Green Paris Satin Doll Silk Satin Chemise
from The Lingerie Addict
Ask the Addict: Where to Buy Robes and Kimonos Online?
Finally, if you’re looking for something a bit more color variety, Mary Green is world famous for their silk robes, and they’re very reasonably priced; the one shown below is $75. I’m partial to the coral/pink colorway pictured…it reminds me of Spring. There’s also a silk georgette/lace version if you’re looking for something a bit more delicate.
from The Lingerie Addict
Valentine’s Day Lingerie Shopping Guide: 20 Gifts from $100 to $200
Mary Green ‘Midnight in Satin’ Pink Silk Slip
from I Am Modern
Hollywood goes glam with Oscar-nominated film “The Artist”.  Taking inspiration from the retro Hollywood era are Mary Green and Panache.

Mary Green 1930’s-inspired silk chemise with lace ($121.00)—
Mary Green “Midnight in Satin” silk camisole ($93.50) and boy pant with lace ($51.75)—
Mary Green “Midnight in Satin” silk chemise with lace ($121.00)—

The sleep mask in Breakfast at Tiffany's is every bit as iconic as Holly Golightly's little black dress. I've seen a few renditions of the nighttime accessory online, but none were as spot on as a version by Mary Green. So, you can imagine how delighted I was to welcome this sleep mask into my boudoir courtesy of Mary Green.
I know I say this a lot, but the online stock images don't do the item justice. The colors are much more vibrant in person and the padded satin mask is smooth and supple.

Cute packaging always wins me over.
I was thrilled to discover that the elastic "ribbon" tie was actually stitched at the back, so the bow wouldn't come undone during the night.
It's certainly premature, but I'm going as a sleepy Miss Golightly this Halloween. Of course, tassel earplugs are just too impractical for an evening out, so earrings will have to suffice.
from Jenny Altman, Intimates Insider known for her fashion tips and expert advice, on 
"You can’t go wrong with saying I love you in seven languages, so we bring you this Mary Green 7 Ways to Say I Love You set. The silk knit boyshorts are adorable, colorful, fun and romantic. Who doesn’t want to wake up reading Je t’aime in the morning?"
The perfect Valentine's Day gift for her...undies

from style bust

Spread The Love: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Guys, don’t forget to order the perfect gift for the stylish girl in your life. Here are some of our favorite pink and red pieces, perfect for V-Day gifting.
Top row:
·Contact Us | Contact Us |     Mary Green “Kiss Me” sleep mask ($26.50)
from Lilac Lingerie (Ottawa, CD)

Think that recycling is the only way to save the environment? Think again.
Going green is not just an environmental stance, it’s a way of life.  It has become so trendy to be eco-friendly that you can now buy sustainable household cleaners, clothing and even lingerie.  That’s right- for all you lovely ladies who like to look good, now you can feel good too, knowing that your undergarments are kind to the environment!
Lilac Lingerie carries colourful and comfortable thongs created by proclaimed lingerie queen, Mary Green.  Mary is an ethical entrepreneur who makes her thongs out of recycled silk.  Her sustainable style has been featured in O Magazine, Vogue, Glamour and Vanity Fair (just to name a few!) and her designs have been worn by many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Kate Hudson. Mary Green’s thongs are so soft and stylish that you just can’t help being converted to the ‘Green’ side of lingerie. 
Local stylist Marcia B is also a fan of Mary Green’s thongs, blogging:
Mary Green silk thong underwear are so comfortable, they are made from scraps of silk uniquely mixed, meaning each underwear is one of a kind! I felt great purchasing this underwear because not only is it eco-friendly but additionally, the secretive element that you now own a one of a kind underwear is pretty exciting. I am definitely going back to Lilac Lingerie to get more of these and will officially start a collection of Mary Green underwear!
To learn more about sustainable fashion, check out Ottawa’s online read, Ef Magazine, for fun tips on shopping ethically without compromising on style!
Photography Credit: Konstantin


 13 Gifts for Your BFF You'll Want to Steal Back: Holiday 2011
Mary Greene sleep mask
Basically, the way I choose presents for my girlfriends, sisters and mom to is find stuff that I myself would love, and then try to actually wrap it up and give it away instead of hoarding it. (So, side note to my coworkers / friends / husband / Santa: if you’re reading this, consider it a handy guide to that dilemma that’s been haunting you -- haunting, I say! -- all month...what to get your’s truly for Christmas! You’re welcome!)
For the girl who loves Audrey Hepburn and her beauty sleep. So, like, everyone.

by Lisa Irizarry
Holiday fashions and gifts to suit her retro style
  For dreaming about the good ol' days there are the super soft and satiny sleep masks at that will help her get a peaceful rest after a few too many of those Cointreau cocktails.  There's a large selection ranging in price from $19 to $27.
Back in the day panties labeled with each day of the week were all the rage, and they've never gone away.  They're fun and I guarantee she'll giggle when she opens her gift if you get her some.  Get that retro vibe with the Mary Green "Lost Weekend" boyshort set - three in a travel bag for $53.  I just realized I have a travel theme going here for some reason - all the better for the woman who's always going out of town.
from Cafe Fashionista

“I don’t want to own anything until I find a place where me and things go together. I’m not sure where that is but I know what it is like. It’s like Tiffany’s.”
Holly Golightly

Darlings, we have learned quite a bit from the demure Audrey Hepburn a la her role as the iconic Holly Golightly in the 1961 adaptation of Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Case in point, a closet lacking a little black dress is forever incomplete; tiaras and pearls are a daily wardrobe essential; and, above all else, one should never attempt to get even a smidgen of shut-eye without a sassy sleep mask covering one’s pretty peepers. Now, courtesy of Mary Green, one (1) lucky reader will be taking home the latter.

Oui, oui, lovers! Café Fashionista has teamed up with designer Mary Green – aptly known as “The queen of lingerie” - to bring one (1) sleeping beauty the Holly Golightly-inspired
Breakfast At Tiffany’s Silk Satin Sleep Mask!

from I Love a Good

Last Updated: 10/29/2013

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