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Clearance Item: Clearance Eco Panty - Each One of a Kind (EC01)

Clearance Eco Panty - Each One of a Kind (EC01)
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  • Centuries ago silk was so valuable that quantities of it, even in the form of draperies, were left to family and valued friends in a person's will!! I believe it was equated with gold. I wonder if that is what the Chinese factories that I have visited over time had in mind in keeping so many remnants and end bolts of silk. Someone there told me it was their "bank account." Except I noted over the years that mostly it just stayed there. And here we were printing more of it. So I thought that it would be a wonderful thing to offer to buy much of these small pieces (and leftover, already dyed elastic) and make them into panties. Some pieces are as small as one meter. We, together, devised a method of hand cutting each panty and have tried to assure that each one is different - and the wilder the better - by assuring that we have at least 4 prints or colors in each one. And so the birth of our new eco-panty came about. I feel that each panty is a one of a kind jewel and a testament to my passion for sustainable enterprise. -Mary Green




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Product Detailed Description
Newsday Earth Day story on our eco panty. "New again style: 'Upcycling' gives discards life. Lingerie designer Mary Green got the idea in China. She was stunned at the piles of silk scraps littering factories. Why didn't they do anything with it, Green wondered. Then it hit her - buy up all the scraps, patchwork them together and make ...some crazy panties. 'The wilder the patterns, the better,' she says."

Customer Reviews
Rank 5 Eco Panty Submitted: 02/06/2013
Posted By: Christopher Cooper
From a man's prespective, I think these are the sexiest panties ever.

2546 of 5087 Found this Review Helpful
Rank 3 Eco Thong Submitted: 06/21/2013
I love the idea that these thongs are made from scraps! It's such a surprise to see the different pattern combinations. As a size reference, I usually wear size medium bottoms in thongs/panties at stores like VS and Aerie, and I am a medium in these as well. Comfortable and beautiful, but I find it necessary to update my review. One of the pairs I have worn only once, and it's kind of falling apart. I washed them gently by hand before wearing them and noticed in the middle of the day that two of the pieces were coming apart. The seams were fine, but the delicate fabric literally fell to pieces. I think it was the burnout satin fabric. I'b a bit sad about this, but I think I can repair them.

2377 of 5701 Found this Review Helpful


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