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Vintage "The Gray Angel" Gown (SB33)

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  • Luxurious and sophisticated early 1940's gown.
  • In Mary's own words, "When Steve and I were married in 1984, I, of course, looked for the perfect wedding gown. I found it a friend's small boutique in San Francisco. It was an incredible cotton handmade lace dress from 1830. It was owned by a woman whose grandmother had worn it and she asked my friend, Lorraine, to please only sell it to someone who would really care and understand it.  As it was cotton handmade lace, it was very see through. I needed a silk slip/gown to wear beneath. My new mother-in-law, known in our family as the Gray Angel, offered me a gown that was given to her by my new father-in-law on the night of my husband, Steve's, birth in May of 1942. What could be more perfect. It also fit me like a glove 100% silk. I have loved the silk gown for 26 years and decided to recreate for a vintage inspired collection. I hope you love it as much as I do. The Gray Angel was very special in our life. She passed away within one month of our marriage. I hope someday that the child that Steve and I had at the end of 1984 will want to wear the Gray Angel's silk gown on her wedding day. She is currently engaged, so who knows!
  • 100% silk



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Chicago Collection Fall 2011WWD (SB33)

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